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well, how about that?


So, what’s a ciGoddess?

It’s YOU, my lovely.

You’re here as a woman who’s ready to start living a life that feels like it wears red lipstick instead of one that regrets having been too afraid to try it on…and you just happen to have a chronic illness.

What’s a “Red Lipstick Life?” It’s one in which you embrace, love, and celebrate more of yourself; and you own your ability and right to experience an all-around delicious life.

It’s one where you give yourself permission to have experiences you love and to love how you’ve made use of each day.

In spite of all of your achievements, you know you still haven’t leaned into all of your deepest desires and activated your biggest dreams.

Maybe you’ve felt hesitant…perhaps self-conscious, intimidated, or self-doubting…

But, maybe you really want to feel brave enough to add some glamour and fun to your life, dye your hair an amazing color, wear leather pants, start a business, ask for that promotion, pursue your art, get out there and use a talent you have that you know would benefit the world right now…

Or whatever it may be that makes you feel giddy just to even think about.

You’re ready to experience life more fully and fabulously so you don’t find yourself looking back with regrets, “shouldas,” or “if onlys.”

Well, you’re in the right place.

So, what does a thriving, red-lipstick-wearing life look like to you?

What does it feel like?

Picture it for a moment and soak it in…

Does it involve living more artfully? Boldly? Confidently? Creatively? Joyfully? Slowly?

Perhaps it’s finally fulfilling a desire to develop something that you’ve been longing to create.

Maybe expressing a talent or gift you have that you KNOW could make a real difference in your life or others’ lives if you shared it?

Or reaching that goal you’ve set for yourself while having a life experience that feels awesome and gives you the space to enjoy it.

Well, guess what.

You can have all of those things.

Yes, you’re living with a chronic illness…AND you’re still in the game and have the power to create great opportunities and delicious experiences for yourself every day.

You still have the power to fascinate yourself and others, captivate attention, create beauty, rack up wins, and create a quality of life that makes you feel so happy to have it that you consider pinching yourself every day to make sure it’s real.

So, at this point you may be wondering what any of that has to do with ME.

My name is Lisa Cohen, and I’m the founder of ciGODDESS.

I’m a Quality of Life Coach who helps women living with chronic illness to stop settling and start creating lives that they can fall in love with.

I’m here to help you step into that version of yourself that will allow you to create the life you’d love to experience.

Click HERE to hop on the phone with me and talk about your next best steps for doing that.