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Rock Your Style And Boost Your Confidence

How You Can Dare To Express Yourself


Tips to help you create calm and clarity in 5 minutes or less

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Do you feel uncomfortable being fully yourself and expressing your style because of the physical changes caused by your chronic condition?  Do you feel self-conscious about standing out, or are you perhaps thinking “Why bother?”

Well, expressing your style can actually boost your confidence and your happiness, so it’s worth the bother.  Daring to express your style is part of daring to be yourself.

Style is a way of saying who you are without speaking and is your outward expression of your inner self. When you’re true to who you are and your personal style, your confidence will radiate. You’ll feel more capable and excited about life when you’re able to express who you truly are.

If you’ve been hiding your true self and expression of who you are (your style may be just one example of this), you’ve also been giving up some control of your life.  Most of us probably don’t think of style as having that kind of power, but I’m guessing that you can feel a bit of that loss, right?

Even living with chronic illness, there is always a way to reflect your style, even if you can no longer wear your favorite shoes or may now require mobility aids. Ultimately, if you do express your style, it will feel empowering and relaxing. You’ll no longer worry about the perceptions of others, and can just be yourself and feel satisfied with that.  This will let you take back some control of your life.

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Here are some simple tips to help you rock your style and really increase how good you feel about yourselfand please note that rocking your style is not only about the external things like what you wear:

  • Think about the ways in which you’re not being true to yourself in how you present or express yourself and ask why.  Think of ways that you can begin to express yourself in a way that feels more true to who you really are.
  • Meditate. Meditation quiets the part of you that judges and labels everything about and around you. Meditating regularly will also give you insight into the real you.
  • Be unique. The true you isn’t exactly like everyone else, and that’s a beautiful thing.  What unique things about yourself would you like to express?
  • Think about what you really enjoy.  Spend your free time on the things that you enjoy and feel most passionate about.
  • Do one thing you want to do but are afraid to try. Some people might snicker if you take an improv class or take up a passion project, BUT they’ll secretly be jealous that you have the nerve to do something unconventional. You can rise above the majority of folks who are stifled and bored.
  • Accessorize to establish your style. Be bold in your accessories and you’ll feel bolder as well.  Jewelry, hats, scarves, knapsacks, key rings, and cane covers are all examples of accessories that can make a statement. With accessories, you can take a basic wardrobe and bring some real character to it to show off your sparkling personality.
  • Because your face is so integral to your appearance, your facial tone expresses one facet of your overall style. So, take good care of your face and skin daily to feel refreshed and refresh your overall style.
  • Consider getting a new hairstyle, color, or cut. A new look with your hair can be a super way to rejuvenate your style and boost your confidence.
  • If you aren’t sure what your style is, spend time on a platform like Pinterest. Start some boards and start saving images that you love or study the style of an icon whose look that you love. Over time, you’ll see a pattern emerge. Dive deeper into the things you’re saving and see if they have a stylized name. Then Google that name and see what comes up. Think about the ways that you can start incorporating a few of those pieces into your look.

The bottom line: You’re an amazing person. Allow yourself to be that person each and every day.

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Tips to help you create calm and clarity in 5 minutes or less